Tunisia: Ennahda official will not end hunger strike in spite of security fears

The VP of Ennahda Movement in Tunisia declared on Sunday that he is declining to end his craving strike, Anadolu has revealed. Noureddine Bhiri’s attorneys said that they hold the Minister of the Interior, Taoufik Charfeddine, answerable for Bhiri’s “abducting and inconsistent detainment” with its resultant impact on his actual wellbeing.

“An assignment from his safeguard group went to the Habib Bougatfa Hospital in Bizerte trying to attempt to persuade Bhiri to end his yearning strike after his wellbeing decayed on Saturday night,” said the legal counselors. “The assignment neglected to persuade him, and he demanded proceeding with his yearning strike until the finish of his out of line, erratic confinement.”

As per Bhiri’s better half, Saeeda Al-Akrimi, her significant other demanded leftovers in the waiting room of the clinic’s revival ward. “He wouldn’t get back to his room,” she clarified, “in light of the fact that it had turned into a position of extrajudicial detainment without clinical development.”

Ennahda reported on 31 December that Bhiri had been taken by regular clothes security officials. He went on a quick craving strike and was moved to the emergency clinic on 3 January when his wellbeing crumbled.

Bhiri, who filled in as Tunisia’s priest of equity somewhere in the range of 2011 and 2013, was set under house capture the next day, in light of a “doubt of psychological warfare” connected with the unlawful issue of Tunisian character and travel reports to Syrians. Ennahda and Bhiri’s legal counselors denied the claim. It was, they said, a political move.

Tunisia has been in a serious political emergency since last July, when President Kais Saied forced a progression of excellent measures, including the suspension of parliament. A large portion of the nation’s political and common powers reject the actions as an “upset against the constitution”. Allies accept that they are an “amendment of the course of the 2011 upheaval” which toppled previous President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali.


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