PA: lack of international deterrence encourages Israeli crimes

The absence of any discouragement factor from the global local area urges Israel to proceed with its wrongdoings against the Palestinian nation protected in the information that it won’t be considered responsible, the Palestinian Authority said yesterday.

The PA Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates offered its remark in light of the killing of Mohammad Shaham, 21, in involved Jerusalem by Israeli warriors.

“This was an extrajudicial and planned death,” said the service. “This grievous wrongdoing is an expansion of the series of executions and field deaths carried out by the occupation powers on guidelines from the legislators in the possessing power.”

Such “bigot” violations are evidence that there is no obstacle considering the shortfall of global responsibility, the service added. “There is no worldwide assurance for our kin. The worldwide local area has total negligence for the violations of the occupiers, the homicide and deaths which are being dedicated consistently with next to no responsibility or preliminary.”

The PA said that it holds the Israeli occupation government completely and straightforwardly liable for this and prior wrongdoings. It brought up that it will raise the issue at all levels, particularly the International Criminal Court, the Human Rights Council, and other UN legitimate bodies as a component of its continuous journey to end Israel’s exemption.


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