Italy dismisses Egypt’s choice to close the Regeni murder case, promises to raise

The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs communicated its dismissal of the Egyptian Public Prosecution’s choice to close the examination concerning the homicide of Italian analyst Giulio Regeni.

The service declared in an assertion: “The claims of the Public Prosecution in Egypt with respect to the awful demise of Regeni in 2016 are unsuitable,” revealed Italian news organization ACI.

The assertion approached Cairo to impart data working on it to Rome, and to help out the Italian public examiner’s office with the point of finding reality, while swearing to determine the issue through global strategic channels, including the European Union.

In a similar setting, Spokesman for Amnesty International in Italy Ricardo Nuri designated: “The assertion of the Egyptian public indictment is unsatisfactory, and we trust that the Italian government will take a situation against it,” as per Anadolu Agency.

An individual from European Parliament Pierfrancesco Majorino considered the assertions of the Egyptian principal legal officer working on this issue: “An unfriendly and unsuitable act against Italy and the investigator’s office in Rome, just as an affront to the European Parliament.”

Top of the Italian parliamentary board of trustees that examines the case, Erasmo Palazzo, portrayed the Egyptian articulation as “another dishonorable endeavor to misdirect.”

On Wednesday, the Egyptian examiner declared that: “There is no reason for founding criminal procedures in the episode of killing, keeping and tormenting Regeni briefly, because of inability to distinguish the culprit.”

The Egyptian examiner added: “The charges ascribed to four officials and a cop partnered with public security benefits in that occurrence were invalidated, and it worked out that there is no motivation to organize criminal procedures on account of robbery of the casualty’s mobile property under pressure, because of the passing of the culprits.”

On 10 December, the Italian Public Prosecution charged four Egyptian cops Tarek Saber, Aser Kamal, Hossam Helmy, and Magdy Sherif with tormenting and slaughtering Regeni.

The Italian Attorney General Miguel Priestpino Garreta gave the four litigants 20 days to react to the charges against them, focusing on that Regeni’s homicide case will be alluded to preliminary in absentia in mid-2021.

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