Azerbaijan calls Pelosi’s allegations against it ‘unfounded, unjustifiable allegations’

“Baseless, unreasonable allegations” against Azerbaijan made by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi during her visit to Armenia are “inadmissible,” the Azerbaijani Unfamiliar Service said Sunday, Anadolu reports.

“The assertion made by the Speaker of the US Place of Delegates, Nancy Pelosi during her visit to Armenia on September 18, 2022, which twists what is happening in the district, is profoundly lamentable,” the service said in an explanation. “Baseless and uncalled for allegations made by N. Pelosi against Azerbaijan are unsuitable.”

Noticing that “Pelosi is known as a favorite to Armenian legislator,” it said the “presence of supportive of Armenian individuals from Congress in her designation to Armenia is unadulterated proof of this.”

The service guaranteed that Pelosi’s Armenia visit plans to take the help of the Armenian anteroom as the time of mid-term races to the US Congress is drawing closer.

“It is inadmissible to move political interests and campaigning interests from the US homegrown political plan toward the South Caucasus area by means of Armenia,” it said.

“We remorsefully stress that N. Pelosi, who talks about equity, has not shown any position in regards to the strategy of animosity by Armenia against Azerbaijan, control of Azerbaijan’s domain for very nearly 30 years, the ethnic purging of countless Azerbaijanis and other such serious wrongdoings for which Armenia is capable,” it added.

Pelosi’s assertion “is a serious disaster for endeavors to standardize relations among Armenia and Azerbaijan.”

“Such one-sided advances and unfounded articulations serve not to fortify the delicate harmony in the district, yet, rather heighten pressure,” it closed.

Pelosi’s visit came after Azerbaijan and Armenia arrived at a truce on Wednesday following the line conflicts.

The new battle guaranteed lives on the two sides with Azerbaijan detailing 77 officers killed and two regular citizens injured. Armenia expressed that 135 of its troopers were killed and six regular people were injured.

Relations between the previous Soviet republics have been tense beginning around 1991 when the Armenian military involved Nagorno-Karabakh, otherwise called Upper Karabakh, a domain universally perceived as a component of Azerbaijan.

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