11m tourists visited Morocco in 2022

Some 11 million tourists visited Morocco in 2022, the tourism minister revealed yesterday.

“We restored the number of tourists who arrived in the country in 2022 by about 84 percent compared to 2019,” Fatima-Zahra Ammor told parliament.

She added that the foreign currency tourists brought to the country amounted to the equivalent of 81.7 billion dirhams ($8 billion).

Ammor expects the tourism sector to continue to recover, benefiting from the historic achievement of the Moroccan national team in the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup.

She said that her country plans to further revive the tourism sector, aiming for the number of tourists to reach 26 million by 2030.

Tourism was one of the areas affected the most by the coronavirus pandemic. The government provided financial support to workers in the sector more than once.



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